The Freedom Business Awards celebrates excellence in online entrepreneurship…

And because we take a lot of pride in our community here at Timothy Marc, we believe it’s important to acknowledge the top performers.The Awards Night takes place once a year in Las Vegas where we celebrate the success of our community members, and toast to the individuals who’ve taken the foundation of our training program and gone on to build awesome and successful online businesses.The awards themselves range from Best Brand to the Best Use Of Technology, and are decided by Timothy Marc and the Executive Instructor Team based on the most current industry standards and over 20 years of experience in online business.


Along with the physical award, each winner gets to display the gold seal on their website. This way potential clients and prospects have the opportunity to see what skill or strategy they’ve been acknowledged for absolutely excelling at.

Timothy Marc is an online marketing agency with over 700 clients in 60+ countries. Freedom Business Training Programs and Live Events are hosted by Timothy Marc and take place only once per calendar year. Timothy Marc is home to the worlds official #1 entrepreneur training course, The Secret Society Mastermind. For more information email:


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