Freedom Business Blog Is Back …So Let’s Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever!

Updated 6/12/17 – Included the live strategy session replay at the bottom of this post.

The Freedom Business Blog is back after a year and a half of closure.

And what does this mean for you?

We are going to make 2018 your best year ever!

Here’s why…

See I was flying back from our annual Secret Society Mastermind event and I got VERY inspired.

Inspired by our members like Chris who was banking freedom sales right at the event:

Or members like Cam Watson I was chatting to on instagram…

Since starting with our program Cam has been able to travel the world whilst running his business full time.

And that’s why in 2018 I’m going ALL IN on Freedom Business, the blog and our community.

It’s a VERY exciting time for you to be here.

The “Freedom Business” Success Movement Is Only Getting Stronger

I say it all the time… but for real….

There’s never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to build an online business.

Only a few days ago the online Black Friday Sale blitz swept the world.

And Shopify, an ecommerce platform many of our members use, hit sales of $1Billion.

Yes, that’s only over this short Black Friday/Cyber Monday period.

Crazy right?!

And again, it means things only get better and better for online business.

This image from Jimmy features a medallion all SSM members get when they come on board.

It’s designed to go on your keyring and remind you about what this movement is all about.

Our core values of Freedom. Fun. Adventure.

I started our community 6 years and 10 months ago in February 2011.

Since then it’s been the most rewarding, exciting and success producing thing I’ve ever been a part of.

But it’s not the only thing I’ve been doing and that’s where things have been tricky.

Be Very Careful What You Wish For

Here’s a MASSIVE lesson in business strategy and values.

You see… All the stuff we use to build freedom businesses is VERY attractive to big companies as well.

So as I started to attract big clients for larger marketing campaign work…

In 2017 I decided that these were the next logical steps for my business:

  • Close the Freedom Business Blog
  • Get more local staff
  • Entrench our identity in our office location
  • Work with bigger clients (100k+ revenue each)
  • Don’t open our SSM community again
  • Build a corporate marketing company like Ogilvy

I’m now at the end of this year long experiment with some very important lessons.

Here’s the biggest lesson:

I violated my own “freedom rules” by creating myself a job where I have to go to an office, manage staff… and do all the things that got me into Freedom Business in the first place.

I let my ego get in the way of my happiness and it cost me.

BIG time.

Here’s my line of thinking at the time…

“If I build this big cool business with a team and an office THEN I’ll be (seen as) a success!”.

Do you do that too?

“If THIS happens THEN you’ll be a success!”

It’s crazy how the mind works and pushes you in directions that don’t serve you.

See when you build a Freedom Business and it’s just you and the laptop…

It feels like friends and family don’t take you and your work seriously.

Customers and clients don’t care… because all they care about is you being able to deliver a RESULT.

Now don’t get me wrong.

In my case the local office, team and everything have been fantastic.

But deep down I had to come to terms with something painful:

The way things are right now doesn’t align with my own values and goals.

And you should never ever violate your own values and goals or you will pay the price.

“The pain of problems is a call to find solutions rather than a reason for unhappiness and inaction, so it’s silly, pointless, and harmful to be upset at the problems and choices that come at you (though it’s understandable).”
– Ray Dalio

So I’ve been using the 80/20 principle to clean everything up.

How the 80/20 Principle Can Save Your Life Too

80% of what you have in your life right now is CRAP that is not producing the outcomes you want.

I guarantee it.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been ruthlessly going through everything with an 80/20 filter.

It’s amazing how much rubbish and weight you carry around with you and you don’t even know it.

Look at every element of your life.

Personally and professionally… and ask the question:

“Do I really need this to get what I want out of life?”

Here’s just a fraction of my list…

  • Do I really need an expensive office?
  • Do I really need a large team?
  • Do I really need 5 cameras?
  • Do I really need 8 computers?
  • Do I really need that clickfunnels account?

And more…

  • Do I really need to catch up for coffee with that person that complains all the time?
  • Do I really need to live in Melbourne?
  • Do I really need to take on that project?

What would happen if you got rid of all these things immediately?

What would my life look like?

Would I be happier?

And so I’ve made moves to cut 80% of the things that are unnecessary out of my world.

A lot of these things also have become “do WE really need”… As I’m getting married next year to my favourite person Cayla, who’s on the freedom journey as well.

Me, Cayla and some of the Freedom Business Live crew in Las Vegas

This has been a painful yet incredibly rewarding experience so far.

The most painful being letting go some of the absolute best team members I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

People I genuinely enjoy seeing and working with every day.

That has been the toughest so far.

We’re also packing up and shutting down the physical location/office to give us room to get out there.

Get out there where YOU are and start having some more fun in business and life.

See when you start getting rid of all that weight that’s holding you down… You open up room for the important (and fun) things to happen.

2018: Officially Your Best Year Ever

This upcoming year I’m going ALL IN on my best year ever.

And you’re coming too.

You and I are going to be connecting a lot more for one very specific thing thing:

Building an online business so you can finally live a life of freedom, fun and adventure.

So if you’re looking for 2018 to be the absolute best year of your life so far it’s time for us to plan now.

Let’s start everything off with a conversation.

As I mentioned in the video above…

We need to look at what you want to happen next year.

“If we were having this discussion 1 year from today, and you were looking back over that year, what has to have happened in your life both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?”
– Dan Sullivan

Update: Live Strategy Session Workshop Replay

Update: Shortly after releasing this post I held a free Live 2018 strategy session.
You can now access this by clicking play on the video above!
All IN.
Timothy Marc
PS. Please leave me a comment below on what you’re going all in on in 2018!

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  1. Timothy Marc


    We’re back! How you been? Leave me a comment here on what you are going “all in” on in 2018…

  2. Jimmy D


    SSM has been a gateway for so many great friends and connections. Year on year gets bigger and bigger 2018 is no different. I have huge goals for my personal brand, marketing business and a few surprises as well. I am looking forward to the rollercoaster.

    See you on the webinar.

    • Timothy Marc


      Massive 2018 coming our way!! Cheers Jimmy!

  3. Andrew


    I’ve been following Tim for years, and years, and years. In 2017, I traveled to 16 countries over the course of 10 months while working as a social media manager. In 2018, I’m all in on starting a master’s degree in strategic communication from a super competitive school in my home state, along with building my professional online presence. Excited to squeeze more info out of Tim! thanks for everything

    • Timothy Marc


      Hey Andrew thanks for the message… let’s keep the success rolling 🙂

  4. Lukey J


    Timmy! Mate, this was just what I needed, 2017 has been great, but the struggle has been real. I’ve made some big moves for 2018, following some serious 80/20 rules and can’t wait to see the results of all this year’s hard work! I’m going “all-in” on life!

    • Timothy Marc


      Awesome mate. 80/20 isn’t a one off you have to keep doing it. Excited to see what the year will bring and for sure involves a catch up!

  5. Sundeep


    Hey Tim,

    Interesting to hear what you’ve been up to and how you’ve re-evaluated your life/career.

    I’m currently saving up capital to either invest in the US real estate and/or stock market to create enough cash-flow to quit the old day job of doom, but as things are pretty frothy in both those markets, I just keep saving.

    The ideal scenario would be to create a freedom business and not have to deal with any of that. If I could replace even half my current income, I’d be set, let alone being able to replace all of it, and even that’s not that much. No need to take over the world or start an empire, just enough to cover my bills and have some left over to enjoy life. Looking forward to the seminar.

    • Timothy Marc


      Hey Sundeep it seems you’re thinking the right way. I’m actually expanding into trading (US Stocks) myself but that is my wealth vehicle. By far the best way to get traction is a business. And the easiest way is our style of freedom business (minimum startup capital investment / maximum return). One thing I feel is if you’re going to do it though – go all in. It’s generally the same amount of work for $1million revenue as it is for $10,000. So aim to shoot the lights out vs going for smaller goals.

  6. Mikael Hamrin


    Awesome Tim! Looking forward to a 2018 where I restructure everything of the business and go all in! Accountability group is set up, with everyday calls and with an investment that makes me willing to keep going.. Until next year this year I will have the business rolling on automatic to be able to keep on traveling and explore the world. Plus having a side business that is my passion project, but that will only happen when the main business is going by itself. 2018 will be an awesome year, happy to see you going all in on the freedom lifestyle! I’m so grateful for this group of likeminded individuals that is an absolute inspiration to see everyday crushing it all over the world! See you on Monday! All the best from Dubai! 🙂

    • Timothy Marc


      YEAH man. Been great to see your travels and the opportunity to hang out in Vegas. Seeya Monday!

    • Richard


      Yes! The good old freedom, fun & adventure Tim is back 😀

      Great to see this progress man, cheers. 2018 will be massive.

      • Timothy Marc


        🙂 Great to see you in Vegas legend. #allin2018

  7. Cam


    Awesome read Tim, and happy to see this blog back in action!

    2018 will be a little different to 2017 (where we were roaming round Europe looking for the next party).

    Instead, I’ll likely get a lease in Budapest and focus on scaling the businesses, but I’m thankful for having the freedom to CHOOSE where I want to live and CHOOSE what I want to do with my time.

    Cheers again legend!

    • Timothy Marc


      YES man. The all important choice. Love your work keep me informed on the movements 😉

  8. Dave Crossland


    Great news Tim, the 80/20 principle is sound and I love your idea to return to the roots and have more fun with the awesome SSM community. Looking forwards to seeing where everyone in the community can go in 2018… and hoping to finally make it to an SSM event 😀

    • Timothy Marc


      Thank you Dave. Great to hear from you again. Let’s kick things up a notch in 2018 🙂




    This brings back too much incredible nostalgia. Very happy to see the blog back mate! Where it all began!

    H 😉

    • Timothy Marc


      Where it all began and the vibe it should stay on 🙂 Look forward to seeing how your 2018 happens. Expecting big.

  10. Aaron


    Man I love this! Love hearing from you, always inspires me. I’m in the 10K Blitz and it has already changed my life. Can’t wait for 2018 to be my best year ever

    • Timothy Marc


      Hell yes Aaron. I appreciate the message as well. All in on 2018 let’s do it.

  11. Alfred


    Welcome back, Superstar! I’m with you all the way in 2018!

    • Timothy Marc


      Much love for you mate. Great story in the group today. I love the way you go about it. Respect.

  12. Magnus Jakobsson


    Great stuff Tim!

    Can so relate to alot here, and especially the

    “But deep down I had to come to terms with something painful:

    The way things are right now doesn’t align with my own values and goals.

    And you should never ever violate your own values and goals or you will pay the price.”

    Did exactly this where i started a new business with a partner and later realized it was totally against what i really wanted. You even feel that bump in your stomach that something is wrong and i think its important to have these check-ins once a while to make sure you are on track or heading down a path that you really want.
    Naturally i had to end it and have now done the same as you and gone back to the basics with a much more clear vision. Feels amazing.

    Great post Tim! All in 2018 mate

    • Timothy Marc


      Great to hear from you Magnus. I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. Ah well it’s all part of the game mate. #allin2018

    • Drew Morisey


      Magnus in the building!

  13. Chris D


    Great article Tim! With the new year closing in, I am also in the process of building a strategy to harness 2018 as my best. year. ever. You’ve inspired me to do a lot of things in 2017 that are steering me toward my online business success, and I’ve had some serious small wins along the way. Excited to stay in touch and keep the momentum going!

    • Timothy Marc


      Hell yes mate. Great to catch up in Vegas. No doubt be seeing you soon. 2018 will be the one.

  14. Pame


    Hi! Awesome Tim! ALL IN for 2018, our best year ever!

    Most definitely, been working on the 80/20 mindset in the last week, and focusing on awesome lifestyle, peace of mind and freedom, mapping Goals of how we want 2018 to look like.

    See you inside 🙂

    • Timothy Marc


      Yes Pame! 🙂

  15. Nate


    I am pumped for this! I always forget how much I miss being a part of a group of like minded, and driven entrepreneurs. This couldn’t have come at a better time. #All_In

    • Timothy Marc


      #allin2018 mr Nate

  16. Diego


    Hey Tim!
    Really looking forward to this blog and all the value you always generate!
    I’m all in for 2018!
    Let’s smash it!

    • Timothy Marc



  17. Nate


    Are you going to have a FB page as well?

    • Timothy Marc


      Not at this stage Nate. Keeping everything in one spot for now (blog).

  18. Jose


    Love this type of content Tim!
    Nice to see you with the blog again 🙂


    • Timothy Marc


      Cheers Jose 🙂

  19. Blake


    Hey Tim! Great to see you again. Where exactly is the webinar link? Couldn’t find a sign up button.


    • Timothy Marc


      Hey Blake, glad to be back! The webinar has already been, but you can catch the webinar replay at the end of this post or through this link:

      Enjoy 🙂


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