Alex W’s Freedom Business Success Story

SO YOU FOUND US!!!! GOOD. That means today OFFICIALLY BEGINS the rest of your life…welcome to it. I found Tim a while back and was inspired by his do something rad daily emails. When I heard that he would be coaching people for an extended period on creating an income online, I knew I had to do it. I barely had enough funds to pay for the training at the time…but I took the leap and haven’t looked back since…. Ive gotten approximately a 5X return on my initial investment and its still the beginning for me. My reasons for committing to this journey are very close to me and I recommend you find something close to you to motivate you if you hope to ride this freedom business thing out til the sweet end, I believe it is worth it =D

Where I was before the Training

-Making near minimum wage working 3 jobs (income controlled by others)
-Little financial cushion to have fun traveling, eating awesome food, etc.
-Living in a paradigm where I spend my days making cash for others (working for a big company)
-Inspired to create the life of my dreams and yet unsure how I was going to do it
-Terrified of dying an unfulfilled man… fueling a massive desire to start taking a firm grip of the reigns on life IMMEDIATELY
-Felt like my freedom business was just a hazy dream in the distance, like I was chasing a mirage (anybody relate to this?)

Where I am after the Training
-In control of my own income with no limit to how much I can make, building multiple businesses at once
-Turning down offers from CEOs trying to buy my business
-People trying to hook me up with jobs paying 90k+ salaries because they’re buddies with the owner and love me/my website (wtf?!)
-Able to create a full income to support myself, my family, and any freedom adventures I want, AT WILL.
-Inspired to create the life of my dreams and AWARE of how to do it
-I could literally go HOMELESS and have a new business up and running within ONE WEEK (this is not an exaggeration… you can do it too, Tim will teach you how)
-Every week I am speaking with different companies trying to buy my services, pay me for other services, and even BUY my business outright
-Building the business empire is just a part of the daily routine now
-Fully aware that I can create an awesome life of financial freedom

The MAGICAL COMBINATION that made the difference
-Tims coaching every step along the way (this alone is literally worth 100 times what we paid for it)
-A community of like minded, inspired individuals to connect and work with – a BROTHERHOOD DEDICATED TO BUSINESS SUCCESS and the experience of starting from the ground up together (priceless). I really can’t say enough about how helpful this was, it made overcoming resistance SO MUCH EASIER when I was frustrated and down on the business, and I had a group of others who were not only rooting for me as teammates but going through the same things and able to offer support.
-Lastly the DRIVE I had, the reasons I got into this, made it possible to go out there and make it happen.

Who can do this?
Anyone with a brain. If you can access a computer and know how to use it , YOU CAN DO THIS. You literally don’t even need a computer as long as you have access to one (Apple Stores, Libraries, etc.) There are things that help though… If you have a computer – that helps, knowing how to navigate the web – helps, any specific knowledge you might have like Word, Photoshop, iMovie — that helps…even things like knowing two languages or any other kind of specialized knowledge – ALL HELP when creating freedom businesses. Having been through months of training at this point, the world is truly a different place for me and my Freedom Business boys. Our lives are in our hands, we are driving the boat, ITS UP TO US. And its always 100x easier than your brain makes it out to be beforehand. SERIOUSLY. With that, Ill leave you to browse the free eBook and audio below, so Tim can tell you how YOU can start getting these kinds of results today.

PS. Sorry for the quick write up…totally didn’t do the experience justice and I would love to expand on it in the future… but we entrepreneurs work on a tight schedule. Cheers and DON’T FORGET TO GET YOUR FREE EBOOK/AUDIO BELOW…they will change your life. See you in the comments below. Xox

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