My name is Andy and I’ll share my success story with you as honestly as I can…

Why This Is Important To Me

I’ve been card carrying member of Tim’s “Freedom Business Training” a few months and it’s been an amazing journey.

Before all this started I was losing hope and failing at the one thing that’s important to me, which was creating a life of my own design.

I tried different money making methods but could never get them to work. One day while browsing youtube I saw a random video with Tim in the woods and thought, “I like this guy” so I signed up to his blog list where I learned about the “freedom business.”

By joining the Freedom Business Training brotherhood I developed the ability to build a freedom lifestyle that runs automatically. I learned great mindsets that attracted amazing people and opportunities in my direction. I gained a sense of security and can finally call some shots in my life.

More importantly, I gained a chance to create that “freedom lifestyle” we all seek but only a few people ever realize.

Without Freedom Business Training, I would have failed again like the many other businesses I tried in the past.

My Background Story

I never got the proper education nor have strong role models who taught me how to live my life.

In high school I wanted join the army because I thought dying in battle was the best I can do. My girlfriend and mom persuaded me to attend community college so I signed up but dropped out the second semester.

The next few years I ended up in random jobs until things got better (whenever that was). I did manual labor, worked for a start-up that failed, did photography, and tried my hand at some ‘get rich quick’ schemes like building AdSense sites and selling eBooks.

At this point I have failed at all my ventures and finally had enough. I was willing to do anything to succeed and the universe gave me an answer with the Freedom Business Training.

Tim was able to set me on the right direction. His lessons pointed out a lot of subtle but very powerful key reasons why I failed in the past.

Last month I just turned 25 and now I have a freedom business that actually makes money. Who would believe it!

I recently quit my day job and made plans to travel the world while working on my freedom businesses, hopefully meeting other Freedom Business Training brothers during my trip.

What I learned In Freedom Business Training

The Freedom Business Training and Tim take you from point A to point B on how to build a freedom business starting from scratch.

Even if you are like me, a guy who tried different things but failed, Tim will show you how to get it “right” this time.

It’s not like AdSense or some pyramid scheme. It’s not a scam or some fake business opportunity. Tim is an awesome teacher who truly cares about his students. He educates you about the key areas and how to get it right so you can make money with your own freedom business.

You learn powerful mindsets about business. You learn how to find, build, and automate the business so that it practically runs itself. Even if your business fails, you learn ways to cover your costs.

Best of all, you join a group of like-minded brothers who share and support one another in the freedom journey. This was big for me. We pull each other out of the trenches and fight any resistance together by sharing ideas and solutions.

If you are serious about handling this part of your life then I urge you to enter your email and subscribe to Tim’s blog right now.

You’ll get free access to an eBook and his 1hr audio introduction to how you can go from knowing absolutely nothing to finally living a lifestyle of freedom, making your own choices, calling your own shots, and getting the financial side of your life handled.

I’ll see you on the other side.

– Andy

Tim’s Comment: Andy is a true champion. He’s been hustling hard but also motivating others on the Freedom Business Training forum to step up as well. Such a quality dude to have around. He’s also soaks up the material with passion (lot’s of cool comments!). Looking forward to seeing your sales skyrocket – keep me posted man.

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