Anthony’s Freedom Business Success Story 

How It Started…

Hey there,

I’m Anthony, I’m a member of Tim’s “Freedom Business Training”.

I was actually studying in law school when i came across tim’s material through his Old Do Something Rad website and his daily email and that’s how i eventually got onto the Freedom Business Training program.

I’m someone who’s read EVERYTHING like Tim Ferriss’s four hour work week, all your get rich quick books,ebooks, and forums etc. However at the end of the day none of it actually taught me any SPECIFICS about building a freedom business, so i never ended up doing anything, and was just confused with all the information.

What i was looking for was a step by step formula i could follow to build a business, have it automated, and have consistent sales and money come through while i can focus on my health, studies, travel and my own personal life.

Initially when i saw the product i thought “is this a scam? is this for real? is it even possible, or it just a marketing myth? is he going to teach me to scam others people?

..but i thought i’d give it shot anyway and see where it all goes because i really had nothing to lose.

How Tim Helped Me…

Tim’s program really spoon fed me all the information I needed to go from start to finish to get a freedom business, and have consistent sales and money coming into your bank account.

Bear in mind i’m not a creative person i don’t have any technical skills or web developing skills and i’ve never had any good business ideas either.

All the steps are laid out for you. Tim even goes that extra mile to give you some really cool secret tips and tricks to build my business, make the money, and automate it, that I’ve never heard of before, he really doesn’t hold back on sharing the information.

What I Achieved…

Right now i have several freedom businesses, bringing consistent cash into my bank account!

I recently got offered a $10 000 contract for one of my businesses.

I have recurring payments for another business, so thats automatic cash payment into my bank account that I don’t have to worry about.

I’ve had clients from major high end luxury designer brands.

Last week a major australian bank, contact me wanting me to see how my business could help them.

I have a killer team of almost a dozen remote workers around the world running my bushiness for me.

It’s absolutely crazy, that this all happened in such a short amount of time.

I wake up each morning checking my email, and i’d see i’ve just made sales that could cover a whole months rent!

Looking back i’m even surprised of what i managed to accomplish out of tim’s program, with such a small investment to start off with. A few months ago i had absolutely nothing, no skills, not knowledge, no ideas. Now my biggest problem is that theres too many businesses opportunities around me and i can’t table them all!

This freedom business and lifestyle really is something that anyone can do, and anyone can achieve.

If you get the opportunity to learn freedom business with Tim, or an opportunity to speak to him about it, i’d highly recommend it.

– Anthony

Tim’s Comment: Thanks so much Anthony. All this success is because you sticked to the script and just followed exactly what I showed you and the guys in theFreedom Business Training… Just think – this is only the beginning, Imagine what this business empire will look like in a years time!

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