Apurv’s Freedom Business Success Story

Hey guys this is Apurv and I’m a proud member of theFreedom Business Training Crew!

I’m writing this success story back from my small little hometown in India.

It’s a town where people say – if you’re serious about your career, then consider moving out – but it’s been the very place from where I’ve literally set up my first two freedom businesses which will now allow me to do all the amazing things I’ve always wanted to do!

Awesome right?

The Beginning

Ever since the book 4 Hour Work Week came along, I’d been on the lookout for anything I could get my hands on to give me some sort of a practical roadmap on actually being able to build those type of businesses and make it all happen for myself.

So when Tim announced via his Do Something RAD daily emails that he was going to launch something called the Freedom Business Training – I was super thankful for this kind of opportunity to come up and totally eager to join because I’ve always liked Tim’s vibe and knew that this is the only program that teaches this stuff and Tim is the only guy who I will absolutely love to get coached by.

It was a No Brainer!!!

Freedom Business Training Crew

Before I go into how Tim has helped, let me tell you what I found to be PRICELESS with this program.

It’s the program’s Mastermind Community feature!

All the guys in the Freedom Business Training Crew have been just awesome, everyone is always there to support one another – it’s a community of like-minded individuals sharing a common dream which makes us all have a special bond with each other!

Much love to the crew!!

Freedom Business Training Coaching

Tim is all about being the guy who ALWAYS OVER DELIVERS. He’s coached us into taking on this kind of mentality and philosophy as well and we all have seen great results by adopting it into our lives too.

But in terms of his coaching, he makes sure to go the extra mile for you and at times you can’t help but feel guilty because you’re not giving your 100% when this guy is!!

He truly does care deeply about the success of everyone who is on the journey with him.

That’s what makes him an even better coach apart from all the knowledge he has.

Now Tim, being himself, always brings a special energy every time you watch him in a video, hear him in an audio, or even if you just randomly read the guy’s two line post!

But here’s the weird part…

Tim’s energy is a worth a FRACTION of the actual content that he delivers to us.

He’s the guy who’ll break down the most complex of concepts into simple bite sized chunks that you could chew and digest the moment you get it in the form that he presents.

I won’t lie, sometimes I couldn’t help but feel that Tim might have overlooked a few things and he might be oversimplifying things a bit too much… but then later after giving things a serious thought, researching and looking at the most successful businesses in the world, I could see the co-relation, and how behind the most complex of theories on why and how things worked, there was this ‘only for the keen eyed’ underlying simplicity that Tim was coaching us about.

The quote – Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – fits very aptly to Tim and his coaching.

Besides delivering powerful content, Tim has always been there for me and everyone in the Freedom Business Training crew. He has a knack of knowing when people are struggling and he always makes sure to instill faith and motivation in each one of us to make it happen for ourselves.

He has also been sharing with us some of the coolest of stuffs like – live examples of his own freedom businesses, his personal and professional stories, heaps of bonuses (which he gives away like distributing candy), productivity tips – he has held nothing back, absolutely nothing at all!

Where I Am & Where To Now

In terms of my freedom businesses I’m very satisfied where I’m right now. My first business idea actually was given to me by Tim himself – which is GOLD!

I’ve also set up my second freedom business just now… and I’m pretty sure it’s going to bring in a lot of freedom cash as well

So from here….. I’ve absolutely no idea what the future holds.

All I know is that it’s filled up along the lines of Freedom, Fun and Adventure (FFA)!

I’m pretty sure I’ll manage to set up a few more freedom businesses very soon, and then travel off, do adventures and catch up with Tim and the Freedom Business Training Boys from time to time! 🙂

In Conclusion

Tim and the Freedom Business Training program are more than awesome!!

Everything Tim does is infused with QUALITY and I wish everyone would take the time to learn from him and gain as much as I and other Freedom Business Training boys have.

I seriously hope you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity you’ve in front of you…. because I’m already lifting a toast to you living an awesome life!!

Cheers guys – make it happen!!!

Tim’s Comment:Apurv is a great example of how anyone from any culture or background, with enough desire to win can make it happen. Technology has closed the gaps. It doesn’t matter where or who you are. Apurv is one of the most positive and driven dudes on the boards. I love having him and i’m looking forward to seeing his continued success!

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