The Freedom Business Training with Timothy Marc has been the finest business training course I’ve experienced…period. It’s fast-paced, hands-on, completely practical (yet with just enough theory to understand ‘why’ behind what you are doing), challenging, and fun. Plus, the other members of the Freedom Business Training form a uniquely gifted community that time and again help one another progress through the questions and challenges of creating and managing their new businesses. Amazing people!

While I have a number of years of experience in IT sales, executive management and traditional marketing along with an MBA, I wanted a course that would enable me to take my experience in a new direction by creating a location-independent online business. The structure, content, accountability and community that Timothy has created enabled me to meet my goals. In less than 6 months, I’ve moved from idea generation/refinement, to selecting a business name/logo, to the creation of a premium positioned website with sales video, and now to actively marketing my services using proven strategies and techniques.

Timothy consistently models his messages of ‘Be the best’ and practice integrity, while encouraging us to drive the sales of our new businesses. From my first contact with Timothy and Freedom Business Training almost a year ago until now, my high standards and expectations have been happily exceeded. I’m having the most fun in business that I’ve had in years!

– Chris R

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