Connor C’s Freedom Business Success Story

I went through a little stage where, after reading Tim Ferris’ “The Four Hour Workweek (Expanded Edition)” I read as much information on how to get passive income as possible. I read a bunch of books and attempted a few things (with little success); however, like I say in my video, I never really got the specific information I desired.

I got an email from Tim offering membership in a group that focuses on building a “freedom business” and, if I got it through almost any other person I would think it was a total scam, but knowing the product was from THE Natural Tim, I just had to join : ).

Anyway, Tim goes through: Initial Phase, Idea Generation, Building, Marketing, what is and how to get a “One Key Fan,” Relationships and, my personal favorite, Automation (in which you outsource – or have someone else – do all the work).

I had a little trouble at first, but, I now have my own online freedom business built and running and I’ve taken it upon myself to build a second!

The biggest motivator for me is to not have a SUCK life. I want an awesome life filled with freedom, women, adventure, and as little stress as possible. What Tim does is he basically gives me the steps I need to take in order to get a freedom business that can fund such a lifestyle.

The best part about the group is just that – the group. Having a bunch of like-minded and cool people there to support me and give me information/support was, and still is, awesome.

For anyone that this appeals to – DO IT. I encourage you to get on this and do whatever you can to get a Freedom Business!

Thanks to Tim and to the Freedom Business Training group! : )

– Connor

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