Craig G’s Freedom Business Success Story

I was crashing on a mate’s couch in Vancouver, at tail-end of a worldwide trip around Europe, the U.S. and Canada, which I’d saved up for over the last 4 years.

Down to my last few thousand dollars of travel cash, I knew I’d have to face reality soon and head back home to Australia, back to the workforce, when I stumbled across the ‘Freedom Business Training’ course that Tim was offering. It was absolutely perfect timing for me.

The concept of ‘freedom’ really stood out to me in his videos leading up to the launch of the program. Travel is one of my greatest passions, so learning how to build a business that ran in the background while I was traveling sounded awesome, way better than the ‘standard’ work, travel, work, travel routine.

I knew this was for me, so I set a reminder alarm on my phone to sign up for the Freedom Business Training course the very second it was launched, and I was lucky enough to ‘click that button’ at the right time and get accepted into the course.

I then booked a ticket home and embarked on a path that would change the way I see the world, and my relationship between time and money.

Over the next couple of months, Tim’s course and raw ‘cut to the chase’ knowledge that he has personally amassed from his own businesses & mentors helped me build and automate my freedom business from the ground up.

From helping me find a profitable idea, to getting it built, marketing it and having my own team of employees work for me while I am sleeping, at the gym or out partying with my mates.

I’d have to say one of most valuable things about the course was having a mastermind group of cool, like-minded people building their own freedom businesses around you, fighting the resistance and bouncing new ideas off each other.

So thanks again Tim! If it wasn’t for the course, I’d probably still be spending hours a day trying to read heaps of business blogs and books instead of “just doing it”.

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Lastly, anyone can do this. As Tim says, we are all made from the same stuff. So if I can go from very little cash & not even knowing what a ‘freedom business’ is to real-world business glory, you can too.

Craig G

Tim’s Comment: Cheers Craig! What I love about you is that you’re prepared to get out there and try stuff out in the real world and when you get out there with your product, you realised how it’s actually quite easy! You just gotta DO IT! Good luck with the rebrand!

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