Jesse P’s Freedom Business Success Story

The program Tim set up is an opportunity of a life time you DO NOT want to miss out on. I’ve learned so much about business and in a short amount of time. People think I’m crazy for not going to college to learn about business. Here’s the thing… While people are learning about it in classrooms, I’m actually going out and doing it in the REAL WORLD. I can tell you now, I have made a lot of mistakes and have definitely learned A LOT. I didn’t learn it from a textbook, I learned it from experience.

The idea of Freedom Business seems too good to be true. Well guess what? It’s NOT a scam and IT IS POSSIBLE!

Freedom Business is less stressful than owning an actual business. Freedom Business you register a website for about $100/per year, an actual business you have to pay $500+ rent a month. Freedom Business you have customers from around the world looking at your website, an actual business you have the locals coming into your business. Freedom Business you use a fraction of the cost of an actual business, but get a large amount of profit compared to an actual business where you’ll have to pay for things like electricity, gas, rent and whatever else. Do you see my point here?

Listen to me, creating a business from your computer and having it automated generating cash. You could be sleeping, partying, shopping, jumping out of an airplane, playing with a monkey or even swimming with sharks and MAKE MONEY. Pause for a second here and seriously imagine all the fun things you could be doing…

Feels good doesn’t it?

That’s what motivates me every single day to get up and work for it.

So I assume you wanna know where I’m at right?

Finished building my website and now I am marketing. I have made my first sale and man did I smile for the longest time. My cheeks started to hurt! ahaha

Currently working on a OFK and anxiously awaiting for my next sale. On a side note: this past weekend I was hanging out with a buddy of mine when I received an email… You received an XXX amount from. Second best feeling in the world!

Also I am working with a client to build a Fitness app for iPhones so look out for that… It’s gonna be a game changer.

I hope I have inspired you to join in on the Freedom Business movement. If you haven’t already, subscribe below and check out Tim’s free ebook and audio. There’s an incredible amount of value in there. I was kinda upset he gave out some of the Freedom Business Training secrets out for FREE! (Just kidding Tim I ain’t even mad o___O ) ahaha

Thanks for watching the video and reading this! – Jesse

Tim’s Comment: Haha Jesse – Great vibe you have on and off the Freedom Business Training forum. Thanks for sharing your story man i’m sure it will resonate with a lot of guys out there. And you’re so young! Watch out for this guy in the next couple of years. Millionaire by 25? or earlier?

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