I’m Justin, an original “Freedom Business Training” crew member. Like most guys, I found out about Tim’s program through the “community,” followed by his “Do Something Rad” e-mail list. Freedom Business Training couldn’t have come at a better time for me; I’d just finished reading books like the “Four Hour Workweek” and “Laptop Lifestyle” which gave me huge aspirations of running a business from my laptop, but no clue where to begin. This is why Tim has been such a huge help; he guides you each step of the way, with practical advice, and a proven formula that gets results. He goes to extreme lengths to over deliver on his promises and even opens up the inner workings of his own personal businesses to help drive home his lessons.

After finishing my bachelor’s degree and entering the workforce these past few years, this course helped me shake that soulless feeling and discover a new passion (this “community” is awesome, money is at stake!). Tim’s program has taught me invaluable underground skills that aren’t known by the mainstream or college professors (even if they did know, they’d never want to share this stuff!). It has also shown me that it is possible to accomplish things in this day and age as an individual that at one time were only accomplished by corporations. With my first sale around the corner, I’m finally creating something to be proud of!

Make sure you jump on sooner rather than later, especially if you’re sick of pondering your true potential. Anyone with a computer can do this stuff. All you need to do is sign up below to start getting Tim’s free value-packed insights!

Tim’s Comment: Justin is another one of those quality dudes to have around Freedom Business Training. Looking forward to seeing your first sale which is just inches away man. Keep me posted!

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