Krishan’s Freedom Business Success Story

Hey guys, Krishan here!

As long as I can remember, I’ve always questioned the idea of working the 9-5 job and dreaded it. I’ve worked my share of them, and they SUCK.

I found out about freedom businesses through The Four Hour Work Week and then signed up with Tim’s Freedom Business Training and I’m sold. I started this whole thing knowing absolutely NOTHING about business. Now I’m coming out with tangible proof that this stuff WORKS

I’ve had my ups and downs while going through this course. I really had to push my boundaries in what I was willing to do to get this stuff handled. Luckily there was a forum of like minded people who helped keep me on track.

Where I’m at right now: Just finished a project for one client and am discussing projects with 2 more potential clients! I’m still working towards my goal, but I’m going to make it there! This stuff works you guys!

– Krishan


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