“This time last year I was a month into a trip traveling around Australia and New Zealand when this coming Sunday I got the shocking news my grandad had passed away. I had already lost a $1,000 in the first month due to a cyclone and an illness. I had spent the previous year and a half working 40 hours a week to save for my dream trip. Once I had paid for my flights home from NZ the only money I had left from savings would be spent on funeral costs.

Although I had other things on my mind I knew I was going back to England with no job and no savings. I had no idea how but at the time I promised myself I would be back to see Asia and NZ and I would make my granddad proud by becoming something. I bought a Richard Branson book at Melbourne Airport and flew back to England mainly heartbroken at the death of my granddad and also heartbroken at the end of a dream.

Almost a year to the day I got the news I have just received two deposits for £75 and £150,I will be due another £75 and £400 on completion of the projects. I am almost a little numb that it has come at such a time. It is due to an influence from Melbourne called Freedom business.

I had found about ‘Freedom Business’ from Natural Tim,’s blog and had an opportunity to join up to a forum with limited member’s as a support group to building a ‘freedom business’. Each week Tim would share practical easy to follow steps with ultimate goal of building a profitable business that could be outsourced while you chose to do with your time as you please. No more sitting chained to your desk!

Although the steps are easy to follow like anything it has taken allot of discipline and hardwork. I myself am not the most creative but the support from guys on the forum and the coaching from Tim has allowed me to build my first ever profitable businesses.

I am currently re-branding my current business, however last week I sent a follow up email to the four enquiries I received through google asking if they were still interested after initial enquiries into my service. A guy contacted me called Bruno from Ipswich contacted me and I realised my service would be perfect for his new fashion website. I called him up and we now have a deposit and awaiting completion of his site so my company can get to work on providing massive value!! He has also asked for my company profile as he would maybe interest in an ongoing service resulting in monthly income for myself!

I also finally had a meeting with my cousin. He has just paid me a £150 deposit and will give me another £400 on completion. He also recruits sales people for some massive companies and will be keen to get me business if I deliver for him!

I must say a massive thank you to all the guys on here. Let’s not give up! If a uni drop out with no design skills can do this then some of you talented Freedom Business Training guys can kill it!

I am miles away from my goal but I am on the way now! HUGE thanks to Tim. Soul glowing right now!”



Tim’s Comment: Nathan’s drive and determination to succeed have definitely been stepped up in Freedom Business Training. He’s now taking his freedom business to a whole new level. I think a big key for you mate was to get that first sale out of the way. When you do that you realise you can DO ANYTHING. Looking forward to seeing the rebrand. Keep me in the loop!

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