Tim M’s Freedom Business Success Story

For me the course came along at the right time, I had been actively looking for someone to teach me how to build a freedom business, so Tim’s course came along and I jumped on it.

And I Haven’t looked back since.

Freedom Business Training has been an awesome experience so far, even though I’ve had to learn and implement some new skills that were totally unfamiliar to me at first.

I currently run one business locally here in Melbourne- right now (march 2012) the business is starting to take off! Meaning I can now quit my job later this month, and focus on building even more freedom businesses that will fund my lifestyle.

Freedom Business Training is for the guys who are serious about living the freedom lifestyle.

It’s for the guys who want it bad, but just don’t know where to start and need some guidance from someone who has been through it.

– Tim M

Tim’s Comment: Thanks Tim 2! I love how you’re the king of outsourcing. Damn you’re good at finding people to do your work for you, especially because we talked about how you HATE doing design stuff. Tim M’s motto is “Struggling? Just get someone else to do it!”. Love it.

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