Will D’s Freedom Business Success Story

Hi I’m Will from Australia and I’ve be lucky enough to be part of Tim’s Freedom Business Training group.

How I found out about Tim?

-Reading 4 hour work week
-Going to a lot of seminars
-spending a lot of money on get quick rich schemes

And then I stumbled upon Tim’s dosomethingrad blog and something about Tim resonated with me so much that I decided to join his Freedom Business Training group.

At this time I was was getting desperate having quit my job, trying to start up some other web projects and failing miserably through affiliate marketing and Adsense despite following these supposed gurus who had the formula.

Tim’s course for me was the pinnacle of having a blueprint. Step by step guide on what to do from creating a product, to marketing to sale and automation!

The greatest lesson that I got out of this is the concept of resistance.
It shows up in every step of building a business and more apparent when you’re about to achieve something massive!

The Freedom Business Training group helps keep me accountable and provides a group of really supportive guys that have helped inspire me every step of the way!

SO after implementing Tim’s concepts, I’ve been able to get sales through different websites, learn how to increase my conversion rates on the website and make sales.

I Highly recommend Tim’s course!

Carpe Diem


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