What Is Freedom Business All About?

Hey there,

This video and post is ideal if you are new to the whole concept of Freedom Business and what we are all about here… so kick back with a cup of tea and get ready to start the very exciting journey.

This year I’ve been invited to make the long journey out to Zurich to speak at the Lifestyle Design Convention which i’m super excited about.

In the video above I talk to Kai and one of our Freedom Business community members on what designing a life of Freedom, Fun and Adventure actually looks like – with examples and steps on how you can do the same. It covers all the basics and philosophy of Freedom Studios.

You can also listen to and download the Mp3 version here:

Now just this past week I was speaking with two different friends that have two seemingly different problems…

Problem One: The “Trapped In A Day Job Of Doom” Guy

When speaking with this friend… all I hear is that he is TOTALLY fed up with his job:

“Ok that’s it, Tim. I’m going to start a business… I’m sick of this one person at work who I literally feel like SLAPPING and being around these people doing the same boring stuff over and over again… I need to be doing more exciting stuff like travelling to South-East Asia where I can chill out and work on my music that i’ve neglected. I worked out that I really just want control of the direction of where the hell i’m going, the money I’m making and the things I do from Monday to Sunday. I’ve read a bunch of business books but i’m really confused so can you help me on where to start and how to put all the pieces together?”

Problem Two: The “Trapped Inside My Business” Guy

Another friend of mine is a bit older and has already started a successful company from absolutely nothing – to having a solid amount of clients and team of 9 employees.

“I love my business but by the end of the day I’m absolutely DRAINED. My time is gone and i’ve got very little time to spend with my kids and my wife but I get really anxious that everything will collapse if I’m not completely on top of things 24/7”.

Bonus Problem Three: The “Lost All Passion” Guy

This bonus guy popped up on Reddit, however I hear this tale all too often…

“Hi, I my name’s John. I’ve been lurking for a while, but I’ve finally made an account to post this. I need to get my life off my chest. About me. I’m a 46 year old banker and I have been living my whole life the opposite of how I wanted. All my dreams, my passion, gone. In a steady 9-7 job. 6 days a week. For 26 years. I repeatedly chose the safe path for everything, which eventually changed who I was.

Today I found out my wife has been cheating on me for the last 10 years. My son feels nothing for me. I realised I missed my father’s funeral FOR NOTHING. I didn’t complete my novel, travelling the world, helping the homeless. All these things I thought I knew to be a certainty about myself when i was in my late teens and early twenties. If my younger self had met me today, I would have punched myself in the face…”

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/tifu/comments/2livoo/tifu_my_whole_life_my_regrets_as_a_46_year_old/

Do you relate to any of these people?

All three problems here have an underlying root cause: A soul-crippling lack of personal freedom.

You’re taught to get good grades, go to university, land a good job and live happily ever after. It’s that “happily ever after” part that just isn’t working out well anymore… A decade ago I remember finding myself halfway through an accounting double degree and an internship at a big four firm looking around at all the other people in the cubicles happily grinding out and thinking to myself “is this really it?”.

The answer is NO. The day job of doom is NOT the answer if you don’t want it. With the state of internet, technology and the speed of information you have instant access to the knowledge, people and production for building your own personal freedom and true wealth through a FREEDOM BUSINESS.

What Is Freedom Studios All About?

Freedom Studios and its blog/training programs exist to Inspire and Educate entrepreneurs on exactly how to build a business that funds a life of Freedom, Fun and Adventure.

Whether you are sitting in an uninspiring “day job of doom” and want to take more control of your life by building your own business; or are an existing business owner that wants to make more money whilst spending more time with your family, Freedom Business is about creating an automated machine that generates more sales, delivers better products and creates more fans – all whilst giving the owner the CHOICE on how they spend their time.

WHY? Because if you want to build and work on an amazing company – you can. Or if you want to fly to Paris for an adventure and crepes for breakfast you can do that too.

WHY we do what we do:


We value the ability for any human to have a dream or vision and to be able to see that vision come to life in the real world.

This vision could be adventures and fun things to do with your time – or a vision of a great business or venture you wish to start.

It’s about envisioning then crafting things into the world that you want to be there but also having the responsibility to make sure these things are valuable to the world.

If they are valuable then naturally you make money. How much money depends on how valuable to the world it is.

Our Core Values:

1. Freedom

The fundamentals of Freedom are Choice and Control:

Choice over how you spend your days (freedom of time and place) and direct control over what happens to you and your life and what you create in the world.

It also means Freedom from:
– Worry
– Anxiety
– Fear

To go and pursue…

2. Fun and Adventure

Fun and adventure = happiness…

Remember how you felt right before you were about to embark on a holiday or vacation? That’s the feeling we are after 24/7.

Happiness also consists of:
– Being Physically Healthy
– Meaningful Relationships
– Meaningful Work

3. The Best

If you’re going to do something (like build a business) you might as well be the best at it.

Mercedes Tag line is “The Best Or Nothing”.

Craftsmanship and seeing something you want in the world come to life.

Want to save or improve the world?


“Don’t die with your music still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul. Listen to that inner voice, and don’t get to the end of your life and say, ‘What if my whole life has been wrong?”
– Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Naturally, It would be very easy to talk about how great and successful all my businesses have been and how my life changed dramatically when I started to build a business that funded my adventures around the world.

Or how we’ve taught hundreds of people around the world to do the same thing through our Freedom Business Blog and training programs…

Instead now i’m going to show you what Freedom Business means to us through the eyes of one of our amazing community members, Rodrigo Flamenco:

After joining us, this guy has:

  • Successfully built his freedom business to escape his cubicle of doom
  • Lost 20lb (and going) using his freedom to start a healthier, more active lifestyle
  • Connected and inspired hundreds of others on his journey All whilst living in the economically underprivileged El Salvador

All whist hailing from a tiny country in Central America who, compared to other developing countries, has experienced relatively low rates of GDP growth, with 37.8% of the population living below the poverty line.

Rodrigo worked as a systems engineer at all the top companies in his country before the stress was too much, switching him over to more relaxed jobs.

Somewhere in the back of his mind though, he still felt unfulfilled…

“I started thinking that maybe there was something wrong with me, I saw everybody happy with their jobs, maybe I was wrong to ask for more, maybe I should settle, and accept the little cubicle for life…”

Rodrigo joined our Freedom Business training program and soon after, built his web design and consulting business then started landing the clients and freedom income to be able to comfortably quit the job and start living a more adventurous lifestyle.

As you can tell from the video, Rodrigo has such an infectious, positive attitude on life. He has been hustling hard to make the journey to our latest Freedom Trip in Bulgaria and now that dream is a reality… Even though he has never been on a plane out of the country before!

Freedom Studios and our Freedom Business training is about the Rodrigos.

I’m looking forward to seeing you start your own Freedom Business journey with us.

Make sure you are subscribed to our email list as we launch our latest Freedom Business training program only ONCE per year to keep numbers manageable and quality high.

Any questions? Leave me a comment below and i’ll be sure to answer.

PS. Catch me live at the Lifestyle Design Convention in Zurich in January – Get Tickets Here!

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  1. Timothy Marc


    Questions? Comments?

    Leave me one here and i’ll answer 🙂


  2. Alejo


    This is great!! congratulations Rodrigo!!
    i have been following his take right action blog since two months now , he is a great and inspiring guy!!
    i can’t wait to join SSM next year!! i guess i’m all the way in!!
    Greetings from Argentina

    • Timothy Marc


      Hi Alejo,

      Welcome to the adventure. Looking forward to visiting your country soon!


    • Rodrigo Flamenco


      Gracias Alejo! un abrazo 😀

  3. czar manigbas


    Hi Tim! Just received your e-mail about next year’s program and the links you provided in the e-mail. I’m excited about the SSM course and can’t wait to begin! Hoping to kill it in your program and looking forward to meeting everyone in the program! Cheers!

    • Timothy Marc


      Cheers Czar

  4. Madis


    Awesome! Thats what freedom is all about. Meet you in Bulgaria Rodrigo 🙂

  5. Ashutosh


    Hey man, keep up the good work. I’m 19 and living alone in a foreign country and your free content is what keeps me motivated- I have just a small question though . Any idea when SSM 2015 “intake” will start?
    By the way- watched Flawless Natural, you looked better with the hair from back then haha :p

    • Timothy Marc


      Hey Ash… Early to mid 2015.

      • Ashutosh


        Thanks for the reply, and also for referencing The War of Art! 😀

  6. Rob


    Hi Tim, thanks for the audio. Could you enable the download button for soundcloud?

    • Timothy Marc


      If you click through to soundcloud the dowload button will be there, Rob.

  7. Sam


    Hey Tim,

    I found out about SSM from a guy I met in a hostel in Prague and been following your stuff since last year. Can’t wait until SSM opens up again (Hopefully soon) and I already have the money set aside for it. Any recommendations of things to do or books to read to prepare for SSM mentally?

    • Timothy Marc


      Hey Sam… A classic we love is “The War Of Art” by Steven Pressfield. Enjoy!

  8. Din


    It’s awesome to see you blogging again Tim, this video is incredibly creative and I am deeply inspired.

    so lovely to see and I can’t wait to meet you Rodrigo !

    Keep it up, Tim, cheers.

    • Timothy Marc


      See you there Din!

  9. andrew


    Tim, I’ve been following you for years. I even remember when you launched dosomethingrad.
    I’m working on launching my own music consultancy site and can’t wait for the launch of SSM. I’m finally doing well enough to afford the program!


    • Timothy Marc


      Great Andrew… Look forward to seeing you inside. We have members doing similar businesses!

  10. Andreas


    Hi Tim!

    Glad to hear from you again and thank you for the update as well as the awesome free content! Since you’ve already done so much for us, I’m wondering if there’s something we could do for you? You know, just to return the favor?

    Maybe I’m too stupid to find the info, but I’m wondering how you actually select who can join your upcoming program, and who can’t. Is it random, first come first served, do we have to apply or how does it work?

    Also congratulations, Rodrigo!

    Cheers, and glad to have you back!

    • Timothy Marc


      Hey Andreas,

      Thanks for the message mate. If you’re subscribed to our email then you will get info and all questions answered on the upcoming programs early next year. For now, keep enjoying the vibe with our regular content. We’ve had people start successful businesses with just the free content on this blog alone!



  11. Din


    random question to tim or anyone who is answering here, why are we using this comment engine and not the facebook one where more people can check out the blog through and know about ssm?

  12. Steve Reed


    Awesome article and video Tim, some really inspiring stuff.

    I’ve also been down the road of a lot of business ventures, many/most of them failed, mainly due to my loss of motivation. Once I realised that I HAD TO do something that truly lit me up and got me excited about the day ahead, everything changed.

    I now get up at 6:30, work for a couple of hours, head to the coffee shop, write for a couple of hours, go home, train for 45 mins, eat, go for a walk with a business type podcast in my ear.

    Then do some more work. I just don’t seem to be able to get enough. But it’s from choosing passion over a money focus that has worked for me



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